Joylocker, contains a Microchip (which is not afraid of water or washing), which serves to make you MEMORIZE YOUR Emotion FOREVER; and then relive it whenever you want.


  • A photo of you (only one)
  • Your Video (available by next release)
  • Your Sentence (only one)
  • A date (meaningful to you)

Representatives of your special moment.

A cose fatte, appoggiando il telefonino sul tuo Joylocker, potrai rivivere nel tempo l'Emozione in esso contenuta.

It's just like the "love padlock" on bridges!

But... this time you wear it and take it everywhere with you!

The best gift you can give:

  • to yourself
  • to a special person

Choose your content carefully....

Once confirmed, the contents will be "Forever"

In the following sections you will find instructions on how to connect the device with your mobile phone.

No fear !!

Just physically place the bracelet on your smartphone, and follow the step-by-step instructions!


Joylocker works through the NFC type connection to your smartphone.
No fear ! Almost all smartphones both Android and IOS are equipped with NFC.

Go to Settings
Look for NFC
Activate it

The microchip contained in the Joylocker (you can feel it by touch) must make contact with the NFC receiver of your mobile phone.

In order for the connection to take place, you must place (rub very slowly) the joylocker on your mobile phone, until you understand the exact point on your mobile phone where the contact must take place!

IT'S VERY EASY, but the first time it never seems to work!

The connection takes place through physical contact between the Joylocker and your smartphone


Once you have learned how to connect Joylocker to your mobile, just follow the instructions step by step!

To CREATE content, you have to download the Joylocker app. Connect Joylocker to your phone and click on the button to download the app (or search by yourself the joylocker app on your store).

To VIEW, you don't need to download the app; just place the mobile phone on the device.

Some smartphone brands do not recognize the display function without using the app.
To make Joylocker work you must necessarily download the App and act through the App both to create and to view your content.

To Activate your Joylocker

  • Download the free app (follow the given links, or search for joylocker in your Store)
  • Log-in (remember that you are not registered and therefore you must register the first time)
  • Accept the conditions
  • Create your own content, using the "Create Gift" function


Your Joylocker offers you a double chance!

You can enter any date from the past
Scrolling through the calendar, you can choose a date from the past, related to your Exclusive Moment.

In this case Joylocker will be definitive and forever.

You can enter a future date; in this case you will be able to modify your content until the expiry of the set date, and this because a future Event may undergo modifications.

FURTHERMORE, if you have set a future date, Joylocker will allow you to replace the content after the date has expired, but no later than a certain time indicated from time to time.

Example: I give a Joylocker with my girlfriend with the future date of our wedding, set for the following year. Once the wedding is celebrated, I replace the photo with the one of the cutting of the cake, and I have a few days to do it!

ONCE THE REPLACEMENT OF THE CONTENT HAS BEEN MADE, Joylocker will become definitive and Forever.

connect Joylocker to your smartphone, and you will see your content and the timer that counts the time that has passed (or is missing) from the date you set.


  • Do not wrinkle your Joylocker
  • Do not fold the fabric at right angles (the part where the writing is)

A microchip is hidden inside the Joylocker; it is resistant to water and washing, but if you bend or cut it it no longer works.


have a preloaded video; to go to the next function just press the SKIP key

  • Verifica che il tuo smartphone abbia il lettore NFC attivo
  • Sfiora il Joylocker sul telefonino (NO VIDEOCAMERE NON E' UN QR CODE)
  • Trova la connessione e segui le istruzioni

(con quasi tutti gli smartphone andrà così)


  • Vai sullo store e scarica gratuitamente l'app
  • Esegui l'app e segui le istruzioni